Prescott Medical and Dermatology Group

We are a Very Unique Medical Practice.  Here is a little more about what sets us apart.

Prescott Medical and Dermatology Group


Founded by two highly experienced legacy physicians, Dr. Burt Faibisoff and Dr. Dean Stokes, PMDG can cover a myriad of your medical needs.

Burt Faibisoff, MD
Burt Faibisoff, MDPlastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Burt Faibisoff is a board certified plastic surgeon. A skilled reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon, his emphasis is helping his patient’s look and feel their best. An artist when it comes to cosmetic surgery, Dr. Faibisoff also helps his patients recovering from breast and skin cancer, birth defects, and accidental injuries.

Dr. Faibisoff has practiced his special art of medicine all over the world. As a U.S. Navy Reserve Medical Corps Captain, he has cared for our military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. A Desert Storm veteran, he served as a surgeon with a U. S. Army M.A.S.H. unit. In Afghanistan, he served as Regimental Surgeon with the U. S. Navy Seabees. He has donated his surgical skills to those less fortunate in Central and South America, the Mid East, Africa, and Central Asia, providing them with world-class surgical attention so desperately needed in those often overlooked parts of the world.

Dr. Faibisoff began his medical career attending the University of Rochester, and completed his surgical residency at Roosevelt Hospital in New York City. From there he obtained a microsurgical Fellowship at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, and completed his plastic surgery residency at McGill University Teaching Hospital.

Dean Stokes, MD
Dean Stokes, MDFamily Practice / Dermatology
Dr Stokes is a board-certified Family Physician who has been practicing in the Prescott area for the last 10 years. He did his medical training at Queen’s University at Kingston Ontario Canada and internship at Toronto East General Hospital in Toronto Canada.

He began practice in Toronto doing emergency room work, office practice and obstetrics. After a year, he became a partner in an Ontario rural practice combining office practice, emergency room shifts and obstetrics. He then moved to the United States practicing in rural Northwestern Pennsylvania (He has since proudly become a U.S citizen). His work there included office practice, emergency room work, inpatient hospital management, cardiac stress testing, colonoscopy and upper G.I. endoscopy. While in Pennsylvania, Dr Stokes served as the Chief of Medicine and the Medical Director of Elk Regional Medical Center, and was also appointed Clinical Instructor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. After 18 years, the snowy winters and the rainy summers prompted a move to the sunny southwest (Arizona). There he joined Chino Valley Medical Center doing office practice and urgent care as well as cardiac stress testing. After 3 years a change in ownership prompted a move to Arizona Dermatology Group for the last 6 years.

Dr Stokes is an avid motorcyclist and is also a lifelong musician who plays guitar in the 6L6 Band and performs regularly in the area. He loves the Prescott area and the many activities available here.

Charles Johnson, MD
Charles Johnson, MDDermatology
Dr. Charles Johnson is well versed in all aspects of dermatology. Born and raised in San Jose, California, he studied Human Biology at Stanford, and medicine at George Washington University.He completed his residency at Maricopa Medical Center, earning his board certification in internal medicine, then went on to serve on the teaching faculty for seven years. He transitioned from practicing internal medicine to dermatology after relocating from Phoenix to Prescott in 2006.
His special interest include psoriasis and autoimmune diseases such as vitiligo,cutaneous lupus and dermatomyositis, and the blistering diseases such as pemphigus vulgaris and bullous pemphigoid.
He also has experience with administering medical botulinum toxin (aka Botox) for conditions such as migraine headache, hyperhidrosis, and TMJ.
Dr Johnson’s interests outside of medicine include music, literature, snow skiing, plus road and mountain biking.

Modern Medicine with Old Fashioned Values

  • Remember when going to see your doctor was not a cumbersome, complicated, stressful encounter?

  • Remember being able to talk and express your concerns with someone who really listened?

  • Remember being able to spend time with your doctor; not just five minutes as he consulted his computer before walking out the exam room door?

Practicing modern medicine the old fashion way. That’s our goal at Arizona Medical Group.  Taking the time to know our patients, their needs and concerns.  Recognizing that our patients are all unique and different.  Then finding treatment and wellness strategies designed specifically for them.

A Very Unique Medical Practice

Prescott Medical and Dermatology Group  is a truly unique medical practice.  PMDG has combined  two specialties that are seldom seen together;  Primary Care and Dermatology/ Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Founded by two highly experienced legacy physicians, Dr. Burt Faibisoff and Dr. Dean Stokes, PMDG can cover a myriad of your medical needs.

Primary Care  means having someone available to cover all your basic medical need.   Dr Stokes is excited to move forward with this new practice and will be splitting his time between dermatology and primary care.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is the area of expertise of Dr. Burt Faibisoff.  Dr. Faibisoff is a skilled plastic surgeon with emphasis on the following procedures:

  • Management of chronic wounds
  • Breast implant management and removal
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast surgery
  • Facial cosmetic surgery
  • Skin cancer /skin mass removal

Primary Care


At Prescott Medical and Dermatology Group, we have doctors available to cover all the basic medical needs for your whole family.

Plastic Surgery


Expert plastic surgery and skin care is available from our experienced plastic surgeon and our team of dermatologists.

Old Fashioned Values


We combine modern medicine is old fashion ethics to create an environment of superior patient care.